Entry Points For Digital Financial Services Targeted at Smallholder Farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This is a case study on the entry points for targeted digital finance services for smallholder farmers.The case study offers learnings that would be useful if adapted to other programmes. The case study isbased on the lessons from the Nutrition-Sensitive, Inclusive, and Resilient Agricultural and Rural Entrepreneurship (AVENIR) project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Opportunities and challenges in scaling the use of digital extension tools for rural farmers in the Republic of Sudan

This case study focuses on the IFAD-funded Integrated Agriculture and Marketing Development Project (IAMDP) operational in the Republic of Sudan. It delves into the assessment of the IAMDP digital tool for extension services and features the challenges and opportunities identified as part of the assessment for scale-up and increased uptake of the tool.

Cover image for dissemination guide

Dissemination Planning Guide

This is a guide to dissemination and key messaging for launching a new digital tool for agriculture. It uses the IFAD-funded Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE) in Malawi as a use case.

Cover image for revenue models for sustainability planning

Revenue Stream Models for Sustainability Planning

This is a guide to different types of revenue models for new platforms. It is best used as a starting point for brainstorming about sustainability from a variety of angles. The guide is based on recommendations from the IFAD-funded Sustainable Agricultural Production Programme (SAPP) in Malawi.