Cover for Ag Tech Deep Dive Malawi
Cover for Ag Tech Deep Dive Malawi

Deep Dive: Digital Agriculture Technologies in Malawi

Areas of focus
Capacity Building, Digital Ecosystems, Tools, and IoT, Livestock and Crop Value Chains, Sustainability

Product Type
Policy, Best Practices and Case Studies

Introduction and Background

The DAS Programme provides technical support to information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) activities within IFAD-financed programmes. The DAS Programme’s main objectives are to a) increase the access smallholder farmers have to information and inclusive financial services, and b) increase the use of ICT4D solutions to achieve better targeting, monitoring, and impact measurement for agricultural development. The DAS Programme partners are Development Gateway, Jengalab, and TechChange.

In addition to the DAS programme, IFAD supports several interventions in Malawi. IFAD’s Malawi portfolio includes several programmes (Sustainable Agricultural Production Programme [SAPP], Transforming Agriculture through Diversification and Entrepreneurship [TRADE] Programme, Financial Access for Rural Markets, Smallholders, and Entrepreneurship (FARMSE) Programme, and Programme for Rural Irrigation Development [PRIDE]) that make use of various ICT tools (mobile applications, web-based platforms, etc.).


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